Our Top Picks for best Cakes/Desserts on Prepare to Wed!

Well I certainly thought this would be an easy award to give out, but apparently we have too many talented cake designers to choose from!

We divided Cakes and Desserts into five categories:

sugar flowers

detail work

sculpted cakes

dessert buffets


Some categories had a clear winner, others had some fierce competition so we also awarded a few honorable mentions.  Congratulations to the winners!


Winner: Wild Orchid Baking Company |  North Hampton, New Hampshire

This massive 7-tiered wedding cake, covered in fondant cut-outs that mimic the bride’s dress, and stuffed with hundreds of pale pink, cream and blush sugar flowers was created by Erin Gardner of Wild Orchid Baking Company in North Hampton, NH.  The bride worked with Erin to select the specific flowers used- peonies were one of her favorite flowers but getting married at the end of August wasn’t the right time to have them so Erin created hundreds of peonies for the wedding cake.  The cake actually was an inverted version of the design on the bride’s Oscar de la Renta wedding gown.  What a work of art! PS- I swear Erin makes the BEST fondant on the planet… trust us, we’ve eaten a lot of it!

Honorable mention: Sylvia Weinstock Cakes, LLC |  New York City, New York

Obviously she is probably the best sugar flower designer on this planet, and we couldn’t not mention her unbelievable work, so three cheers for Sylvia Weinstock!  You can order a wedding cake from Sylvia from anywhere on earth and they’ll ship, fly, or hand-deliver it to you.  You can also pick them up at her store in NYC if you’d like!  Overabundance of flowers is what Sylvia Weinstock is known for and her cakes don’t cease to amaze us.  Even more interesting, she doesn’t use fondant, not ever.  Butter cream is the only thing she frosts her cakes with because she doesn’t like the taste of fondant!


Winner: Wild Orchid Baking Company | North Hampton, New Hampshire

Now, I know that Erin already won the sugar flower category, but what would you have done if you saw this cake?  The detail behind the vintage brooches and the teeny tiny accents on the fondant are ridiculous!  I love the shimmery gold edges to the cake too. Amazing.

Honorable Mention: Lovely Cakes | Norwalk, Connecticut

I love the delicate snowflake details on this cake from Lovely Cakes in CT! The 3D larger snowflakes add quite a bit of texture as well!  Love the light blue color of the fondant also.  What a wonderful wintry wedding cake!

Honorable Mention: Delicious Desserts | Falmouth, Massachusetts

What a fabulous way to make a nautical theme more formal?  Hundreds of tiny sugar pearls in shades of cream, pink and gray scattered around a cake and finished with a shimmery starfish.  We love how delicate and classic this cake looks with its obviously nautical theme!


Winner: Sin | Providence, Rhode Island

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more creative groom’s cake before!  Add the insane amount of custom coloring and shading to make this look like a real space ship out of Star Wars and you can see why we picked Sin as the best sculpted cake! I even love that she placed the ship on a board with sprayed sugar to look like stars!

Honorable Mention: Wild Orchid Baking Company | North Hampton, NH

Liz has loved this cake from the moment she laid her eyes on it!  From the lobsters complete with wedding rings, to the corn and potatoes in the pot, Erin Gardner didn’t forget a single detail for this amazing lobster bake themed sculpted cake!

Honorable mention: Sweet Rewards | Brookfield, Connecticut

A computer, with double monitors and screen shots? I love the details that went into this cake, complete with a wireless mouse and mouse pad! I’m pretty sure it’s a PC, but we can let that one slide because the detail work is so amazing!


Winner: Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott | Portland, Maine

above images from Aphrodite Wedding Photography

Jessica Robitaille- I know, her maiden name is Parrott-  of Nothing Bakes Like A Parrott is taking Maine by storm and we know that clients are thrilled to have her amazing desserts at their weddings!  If you can come up with a dessert, Jessica will make it.  Ice cream, pies, tarts, cake pops, sugar sea glass, funnel cakes, or even cotton candy.  Talk about talented, and we haven’t even started discussing how detailed her displays can be.

Honorable Mention: Cookie Creatives by Jennifer | Wilbraham, Massachusetts

above image from Doug Levy Photography

Cookie Creatives by Jennifer has been known for her amazing cookie wedding favors. She ventured into the dessert buffet world and we’re so glad she did!  From home-made marshmallows, cupckaes, and her signature cookies, these dessert buffets are always color coordinated, stylish, and a bit preppy if I may so myself!


Winner: Sweet Rewards | Brookfield, Connecticut

I swear we’re not biased because these are Red Sox cupcakes! Sweet Rewards can make mini cupcakes, custom designed cupcakes, and just about everything in between!  Since she’s also a master of the sculpted cake, the possibilities are pretty much endless.  We also love how she uses custom stands to display her cakes!

Honorable Mention: Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott, Portland, Maine

We loved the sugar pansies on these cupcakes.  Simple, sweet and classic!  Not much more to say about these little adorable cupcakes, right?

Congratulations to the winners again and Happy New Year everyone!


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