A Modern Day Kissing Ball

We got this really cool submission of a pomander and Kate and I thought it would be fun to look into the history of the Pomander to find out how they started and why they are still used today. As it turns out the Pomander is also known as the kissing ball and originated in England during the Middle Ages. It was made of evergreens and hung over door ways serving as an omen for good will. After a while lavender and rosemary were added to the evergreens and the meaning started to entirely change.  The Lavender and rosemary signified loyalty and devotion and eventually the kissing ball began to symbolize romance.  With romance being the main idea behind pomanders it is no surprise that they are now used in weddings as a modern flower arrangement in place of a traditional bouquet!

Here is a picture of a modern day pomander that was  sent in by New Hampshire wedding planner The Wedding Belle. As you can see the main idea is very similar to the original kissing ball but the blue ribbon and variety of white flowers make it exciting and up to date. This Pomander is filled with white mums, white carnations and sprayed silver greenery. I must say it looks awesome!  People are most often using pomanders as ceremony aisle adornments and also as wedding party bouquets or flower girl bouquets!

Photographer: Sharyn Peavey Designer: The Wedding Belle Florist: Ambrosia Gardens

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