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If you haven’t seen the 2011 edition of Seacoast Bride yet, you should probably stop reading this right now and run as fast as you can and go pick one up! It is filled with all sorts of stunning inspiration and some seriously awesome features. One feature that was organized by the fabulous Kate Parker, of Kate Parker Weddings and Prepare to Wed! So we’ve featured her budget teammates, photographer Douglas Levy of Douglas Levy Photography and the dessert chef, Jennifer of Cookie Creatives in past posts, but now its the floral designer’s turn! Carrie of Dutch Bloemen Winkle, was the floral designer for the amazing $25K team. We reached out to Carrie to have her explain her inspiration behind her design. {JC}

PTW: Please provide a description of your design for a $25k wedding; bouquet and tablescape.  Include the types of materials you used such as flowers, containers, linens, candles, chairs, etc.

CS: For this wedding, I chose to create a crisp and fresh design. With a tried and true color combination of turquoise and yellow it was just a matter of bringing in some creative elements to create a modern beach theme. The bride’s pomander is simple and includes button mums, cymbidium orchids, green hypericum, and lily grass. The dog’s flower collar contains mini cymbidium orchids and spray roses with italian ruscus. For the tablescape, the centerpiece is an airy manzanita branch in a worn wood box filled with spider mums. Spray rose blooms and hanging sea glass adorn the branch. Glass turquoise votives are placed around the centerpiece for simple candlelight. The glassware and flatware I chose to use are simple, standard options. The table linens are turquoise Bengaline with a solid white napkin at each setting. The white chivari ballroom chairs and yellow chargers were a bit of splurge for this budget, but really completed the look I wanted for the table.

PTW: How did you go about deciding on the table design?  Colors and materials?  What was your inspiration?

CS: When I took Kate Parker’s call about this photoshoot I happened to be at a beach in Maine basking in the sun. When she told me the theme, I was immediately inspired by my location. All the things I love about the beach, the bright sun which is why I chose to use yellow and the water which is why I chose turquoise. I love the beach because I love finding little treasures. Whether it is a shell, a piece of sea glass or a piece of driftwood, I love taking something home that is unique to add to my collection. So from those simple objects that filled my head that day on the beach, I turned them into a fresh and crisp tablescape for this modern wedding.

PTW: How did you spend your budget?  How did you prioritize your design list?  Were there items that were must haves?

CS: The turquoise Bengaline linens were an absolute must; I wanted really strong, fun color on this table. Plus the subtle texture and weight is just gorgeous. The centerpiece was most important to me in the design. The branch with rose blooms and hanging sea glass is very striking with the bed of yellow flowers below it. I kept the other elements on the table simple like the votives, glassware, flatware, and napkin details. The floral dog collar was absolutely worth working into the budget and to make it fit I was conscious of the flowers I chose for the bride’s pomander, composing most of it with inexpensive button mums.

PTW: Were there certain types of flowers used that could be switched out and replace with those of a similar aesthetic (color, bloom, size, etc.) to cut costs?  How about other design elements?

CS: Freesia or button mums could replace the spray roses on the branchy centerpiece to help cut costs. Another design element that could be changed out is the worn wood container. That was custom made with old barn board, but could be substituted with a manufactured wooded box that could be painted.

PTW: If you had to cut down your budget, what particular items of your design would you take out?  What elements would you be sure to keep?  If the couple wanted to splurge a bit — what would you make different?

CS: If you were needing to tighten your budget a bit I think two easy areas that could be changed are the chair rentals and charger rentals. These were a bit of a splurge, but could be replaced with a simple white garden chairs and instead of a charger, a yellow napkin could be used. Again, the table linens are a must for this design because they really make the yellow pop. If the couple wanted to splurge a bit I would create the bridal pomander in all cymbidium orchids instead of the button mums.

PTW: What do you consider to be the most striking and eye-catching element of your designs?

CS: The dog’s flower collar! Ressu (the dog) really took the spotlight with his lush floral collar. I loved making it and he definitely enjoyed wearing it!

location |  Harbour Place, Portsmouth NH
photography |  Douglas Levy
floral designer |  Dutch Bloemen Winkel
invitations and paper |  Parrott Design Studio
desserts |  Cookie Creatives by Jennifer
hair and makeup |  Wingate Salon
tent |   Sperry Tents Seacoast

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