Purple details

So I love purple… probably my favorite shade is a deep eggplant…. so when we asked for purple details from the Twitterverse this week, we were tickled when we received these amazing images from MMD Events in Tampa Florida!  They designed each and every room featured here today, from the flowers to the rentals to the overall design concept!  Get ready to swoon {KP}

You can bring in shades of purple to your wedding in many different ways: flowers, rentals, stationery products, and lighting.  Check out how fabulous the room looks with a wash of grape purple on the ceiling of this space!

photo by Binary Flips

A similar affect with purple washes in a pole tent….. with a pure white surface you can get a very intense shade of purple, right?

Photo by Phillip Lloyd Photography

The world of purple flowers is somewhat limited compared to other flowers- although not as limited as the coral family :)   Look at these fabulous arrangements showings all sorts of shades of purple:

photo by Divine Light Photography

Here MMD Events used lots of roses and hydrangea.  Cool waters, blue curioso roses are great purple varieties.  Any dutch hydrangea in shades of purple will give you the most variety and largest head size.  You can get some purple hydrangea from South America and they tend to be less expensive however, that means a smaller head size and often times not as vibrant and consistent color palates.

photo by Lifelong Studios Photography

Another great shot showing other purple flower varieties, using purple roses, purple lisianthis, and purple mokara orchids.  That sneak of purple hydrangea in the back of the arrangement is a good example of a South American purple hydrangea.

photo by Lifelong Studios Photography

This image shows great rentals in shades of purple.  The napkins and chair treatments are in varying colors, creating texture on the table.  I love that the table is actually a navy blue linen instead of overwhelming the space in purple.  It really makes the colors stand out!

*previously posted on 5.12.11

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