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Expert Wedding Planning Advice | Anderson Green Events

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Anderson Green Events featured this great advice on myKPW sharing insight into the wedding planning process.   Although it can be daunting to do yourself, or even with a little help, getting advice from the pro’s can make a world of difference in your stress level during the process!  Below are a few tips from the full article on the early stages of the planning operations.  Read the full expert advice article to see all 30 wedding planning tips by Anderson Green Events on my Kate Parker Wedding.

5 Tips on Planning Your Wedding

Begin Planning a Wedding:

First two items on the agenda: Pick a Place, Pick a Date. While everyone is going to chime in on location and dates, trust your instincts and pick a place and a time of year that is meaningful to only you and your betrothed.. When picking a date, think logically about what fits your schedule ~ wedding planning takes time and energy, therefore, make sure you have time to plan your wedding & pick a date that suits your schedule. As for the place ~ pick something meaningful and within your means. Think about where your guests will be traveling from and the location’s convenience.

Creating your Wedding Guest List:

Another important factor into your wedding budget and location is how many of your nearest and dearest will be coming to celebrate your vows. Creating your master guest list takes time, so don’t expect to finalize the list overnight. There are essentially three sides (more if you involve Step Parents) to the guest list:

Bride / Groom
Bride’s Parents
Groom’s Parents

Have an honest conversation about what the goal of the wedding is. Is it just family? Is it just family and close friends? Is it not all family, just close family? Or, is it everyone you’ve ever encountered in your entire life?  Please keep in mind that you’ll probably trim the ‘fat’ off the list before it is truly final, but this number will be a large indicator on what is a suitable venue for you

Deciding on Your Wedding Style?

Style is an individual experience. The one thing that is a definite though, is that you need to find YOUR wedding style. Something that captures and embodies what you want the wedding to be. Whether it is a traditional or modern feeling, a specific theme, something beachy, fun, city like or rustic and charming, spend time with your soon to be and put thought into your wedding style. Start by defining your personal couple style. Next, start to think about how you visualize the wedding day.  Clip images of things you like. All this information will help your vendors enormously when it comes time to design the wedding day.

Décor, Details & Design:

Once you’ve gotten your venue booked and your wedding style decided, its time to fuse those two and decide on your décor design. The optimal goal in design is to encapsulate elements from many sources:

Venue ~ what does the room look like? What elements should you play to? Is it formal/informal? Is it light and airy or dark and romantic? How does the location play into the venue? Is there a ton of history or something that the area is well known for?

Couple Wedding Style ~ are you really into flowers or not? Do you want something sophisticated, elegant, modern or over the top? Do you prefer non floral elements like berries & fruits? Are you more ethereal and into candles to set the mood?

These are all questions that will come into play as you decide on your décor design. Weddings are meant to be cohesive (i.e. have some element that runs throughout from your Save the Dates/Invites through to the end of the wedding evening), therefore, what can you do in the design concept to run throughout the wedding experience?

Amass your inspiration boards, cut outs and other items that you love into a large collection. Spend time with each image ~ what do you love about it? When you start to meet with Florists, bring a list of Flowers you love (and that are hopefully in season when you are getting married) as well as a list of flowers you dislike. Bring your images to show what you like … even if it’s a simple detail like the color of a ribbon ~ your florist can find inspiration in that.

Savor the Moment the Wedding Can Wait:

Regardless of whether you’ve dreamt about your wedding your entire life, or you’ve never given it a thought, take time to let the good news settle in. Don’t be swayed by family and friends who immediately start asking about wedding dates, wedding dresses, wedding planning … even if you are getting married in only a short time, relax and savor the moment!


NYC/Westchester County wedding planner, Anderson Green Events, is a member of my Kate Parker Wedding, your online wedding resource guide geared towards directing couples to quality vendors based on their price range and state.

*Previously posted 10.13.10

Wedding RSVPs | New York City Planner, Anderson Green Events

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Organizing is a pure passion of mine – or an illness.  It depends on whether or not you’re talking to my husband.  And while “prepping” for wedding organization may  initially add on a few more minutes to your process…in the end, I promise you will not be running around like crazy trying to do a cram session of your guest list.  New York City wedding planner, Lisa from Anderson Green Events and myself have very much in common and especially when it comes down to organizing your wedding RSVPs:

Organizing Wedding RSVPs

Hopefully when you created your guest list, you kept an electronic record of it with which you can use to track RSVP responses. If not, there’s a bit of typing in your future!

You can either purchase Wedding RSVP programs that will help you track responses, or you can use excel. Either way, you’ll want to be organized enough to keep every response recorded and up to date.

Firstly, you want to track yeses and nos {as well as correct name spelling and any guests that are coming for your escort cards or place cards}.  After that, if you are doing a pre-selected dinner entree choice, you’ll want to keep track of that. And finally, if you are monitoring their accommodations for the wedding weekend, you’ll want to note that as well {helpful if you are delivering welcome bags around town}. Being able to give an accurate guest count and meal choice to your venue / caterer on the appropriate day will be incredibly helpful.

For more helpful tips from Anderson Green Events, be sure to check out the full expert advice article.

To help out visually,  here is a layout that I personally used for my wedding.  Keep in mind, I did have a few more columns and equations since I am a crazy excel person, but kept it somewhat simple for this post.  Ok, so below is the entire spreadsheet which is broken down below…

So first, I split my list into four parts (headers in blue):  Bridal Party, Bride|Groom Friends, Family of the Bride, and Family of the Groom.  You don’t need to do this but since we have such a large family I wanted to make sure I could really visualize all who’s coming. So next I used the following headers:

Guest Last Name, Guest First Name: This way I can easily alphabetize my list using the sorting option.

Children (age): I like to keep my children listed with the family, if they are of younger age and need for their parent to accompany them.  So next to the child’s name, I like to list the age in case the venue or catering needs to determine whether or not a high chair is required.

Role | Relationship: Since my mother has 11 brothers and sisters (yeah, crazy), I wanted to make sure that my husband or anyone looking at the list knew the relationship.  So you can type in “aunt and uncle” or “bestman”.  Sometimes I would just use it as a reminder like, “Sarah is Chris’s girlfriend” or if one of my friends is the “gift collector”.

Seating Card Listing: Keep this separate from your basic first and last name listing and enter in how you want the name of the guest(s) to appear on their seating card.  That way you won’t be playing the puzzle game when it comes time to address your envelopes or if you have to hand your list over to a calligrapher.

Address: Of course you will need this for sending out your invitations.

The next part of the spreadsheet is keeping track of your RSVPs:

No. Invited: The total number you are inviting.

No. Attending: Those who have sent back their reply with guest count.

Table No.: Keep track of which table you have assigned each guest.

Hotel FRI and Hotel SAT: Basically this is for the accommodations I set up for my guests.  So Hotel FRI (Friday) and Hotel SAT (Saturday) basically helps me to keep track where guests are staying in case I have welcome baskets to distribute or have organized any special transportation.  Your guests probably won’t reply back to you with where they are staying, but you can certainly check in with your accommodations on a regular basis and ask for a list of those who have reserved a room under your room block.

Beef or Fish? I like to enter in each food option that I am having to keep track of it right when the rsvp’s start coming in.  And don’t forget to include a kid’s plate or a vegetarian option — basically whatever is specific to your wedding menu.

Notes: You have enough to remember during your planning process so use a column to jot down any reminders or notes about your guests.  For instance, do you need a high chair for one of your guest’s children?  Does one of your guests require any special attention whether they may be in a wheelchair?  Put these notes down and don’t be afraid to give this entire list to your coordinator, catering or venue.

Finally, keep a running total at the bottom so that you don’t have go through each time and add up the numbers.